Meet the Minister

The Rev. Daryl Woods

Daryl has been in ministry with the people of Grace-Westminster since 2001.

Daryl grew up in the United Church and has called Saskatchewan home since 1969. He felt called to ministry in 1981 and after five years on the Pastoral Charge went on to study theology at  St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon receiving a Master of Divinity in 1990.

Daryl believes it is essential to make connections between what we believe and living a meaningful life. He believes that what we do at Grace-Wesminster United should impact and support all areas of our lives.

He enjoys working with people who wish to participate in a community that seeks: to be relevant,  to connect with the wider community and the living of a faith-full life.

In carrying out his ministry, he brings a wealth of experience, a deep faith in God, a love of music, strong worship leadership, puppetry skills, a sense of humour and a deep love for God’s people.